A screening for tomorrow Technology and prevention for life with Fujifilm at “Talks on Tomorrow”

Ester Viola signs the original tale “Two Sisters”

“Whatever happened to me in life has always been polluted by three words.
Genes, inheritance. Cancer. It’s like I’ve been waiting for it for twenty years, cancer.
I thought about the day of the thesis, the day the mortgage was signed, the day Marco was born.
It’s stupid in its own way, but it happens. I never wondered why.
Perhaps worrying, I show to the life that I’m on my guard
and life to reward me, take away the danger? “

by Ester Viola for Fujifilm

An original tale splitted in five moments, from the expectation of the diagnosis to the future perspective: it is the work that Ester Viola, lawyer, Twitter star and writer, has signed for Fujifilm, with the aim of dealing with an intimate approach through literature a topic that up until a few years ago was unmentionable: cancer.

The approach to the disease has changed, because the diagnosis, which is increasingly precocious and precise, and the increasingly decisive treatment have changed radically. Today we can be cured. And if you can cure yourself, you can heal. There is a future for patients, as suggested by the title “Talks on Tomorrow”, the format dedicated to sharing issues which affects society and how technology can help to solve them, which will host the appointment “Health Screening: the new technologies for the fight against breast cancer”. 

The event, scheduled for Friday 11 October in Milan at 18.00 at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Viale Pasubio 5, will feature six top opinion leaders: Daniela Minerva, life science journalist, Riccardo Giovanazzi, Breast Unit Director of ASST Monza, Davide Campari, General Manager Fujifilm Italy, Enrico Cassano, IEO Radiology Director, Cinzia Sasso, journalist and patient, Rosanna D’Antona, Europa Donna President, and the writer Ester Viola.

Fujifilm, which has over 80 years of experience in the medical sector and is among the leading players in digital mammography, has chosen October, “Breast Awareness Month”, as a moment of contact with the woman and the high-tech diagnostics sector, to raise awareness of the importance of prevention as the main tool in the fight against breast cancer.

“Fujifilm Medical Systems is constantly evolving, our mission is to design and develop solutions that improve the health of individuals and make the work of healthcare professionals more precise and faster. We are active in the fields of prevention, diagnostics and treatment with technologies and systems for digital diagnostics, endoscopy, medical informatics, point of care diagnostics and in-vitro diagnostics. A deep and complete competence in which we invest 7% each year in research and development. – emphasizes Davide Campari, General Manager of Fujifilm Italy Medical Systems Division – Thanks to the Talks on Tomorrow event, we wish to emphasize the importance of the evolution of diagnostic technologies in breast cancer prevention, talking about it together with the leading experts in the Italian scene. And for the first time, we wanted to turn our attention to women, trying to sensitize them to the issues of prevention through an unusual language, but strongly intimate as the tale written by Ester Viola. “

women have experienced, through a text with temporal leaps that refer to mothers, grandmothers, sick aunts before them: Emilia and Elena are two sisters of our times. The stylistic choice suggests in the memories, in the “hearsay”, in the epilogues the fact that also the psychological approach has changed thanks to science and technology. We do not fully realize that in the battle against tumors there are “technological” allies created by very human scientists.

“I wanted to tell the drama of cancer by choosing feelings as protagonists – says Ester Viola -. Anxiety and fear – two of the worst. On the other hand, instead, courage, hope. There are the lucidity and lack of lucidity that intertwine in the two protagonists, two sisters so different in character: Elena, the apprehensive one, and then Emilia, so calm. The parts are reversed because Emilia. From the first diagnosis to anesthesia, they remain united, to protect themselves, even if in different ways. Doctors, examinations and reports are the background to underline the importance of medicine and prevention, which should be – indeed must become – an imperative. It must not be just a choice of some, prevention. It must come first. “

Narrated by the intense voice of the actress Mariella Valentini, the tale by Ester Viola can be enjoyed starting October 20 through a podcast on the Storytel platform. The stories can also be heard in the waiting rooms of the clinics of the senologists who adhere to the project.

Furthermore, ten exclusive works by the artist Maurizio Galimberti, Fujifilm instax Ambassador, as well as icon of global instant photography, will be dedicated to women and will be exhibited at the Feltrinelli Foundation during the 11th October event. The artworks are part of a larger project of “traveling exhibitions” also hosted in hospital waiting rooms. “La Carezza” is the title of the exhibition: the images tell the woman through the “ready made” technique that focuses attention on the detail, highlighted by an instant photograph. The face, the body, the expression of the eyes, the aptitude for movement are the center of attention of the work created with Fujifilm instax Square SQ20 and are enriched by a “pink” element to evoke the mood of the month of prevention.

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