Amulet Bellus II

Multimodality workstation with multiple ideal functions for mammography

Amulet Bellus II – Smart mammography workstation for streamlined workflow and precise diagnosis

Mammography (2D/Tomosynthesis/Comparisons with prior images)

Support for users in conducting diagnosis with reading protocols tailored to mammographic diagnosis and smooth image displays.
Customization for reading protocols includes configuration for making comparisons of current and prior images and for S-views synthesized from tomosynthesized images of AMULET Innovality.

The results from multiple exams for a patient are displayed in a list.
Users can switch the displayed image with one of the selected images.

The thumbnail window allows users to instantly see all the images taken for each individual exam in a single one view.
Each image can be easily selected and displayed by dragging and dropping.

Multimodality (MG/US/MRI/CT/DX/CR/RI)

Various images, such as MG, BT, MR, CT, US, etc., are available for mammography diagnosis at the same time.

Imaging modalities

Values for ROI and X-ray gauging can be obtained from the information in each imaging modality.

ROI (Region of interest)

Time intensity curve


Unique functions

Snapshot function:
The display conditions, order, and scale factor of each image can be stored on the computer and redisplayed in the same condition.

  Take a snapshot of the desired display.

  Select the saved images.

  The saved display is re-established.

Other functions

Printing function

Once a prescription format is stored, images of a patient from different exams can be arranged to be printed out with the measurement results in the preferred space and at the desired size and contrast.

Report function (Option)

The mammography reporting system supports different reading styles including “single reading”, “double reading”, etc.
The Drag & Drop operation from the viewer to the reporting app. is available to attach images.

Work list

The items displayed on the list can be narrowed down by date, modality, or some other aspect using the filtering function.
The type of exams performed such as Tomo / Biopsy and the availability of Report are shown in the list.

1FileCheck whether examined image exists on the server
2ProtectMark image if it is not to be moved or deleted
3ReportCheck whether a report exists
4StudyDate of the exam
5IDPatient ID
6NameName of the patient (first, middle, and last name)
7SexSex of the patient
8ModalityType of modality
9Report StatusStatus of the report
10Acc NoAccession number

Hardware Requirements

Main Control Unit

  • 4 cores (or more) processor, 3GHz or above 16GB RAM or above / C drive: Min.160GB HDD/ SSD. Used for operating system, application
    D drive: Two 2TB (or larger) HDD/ SSD with RAID0 Graphic Card: BARCO MXRT-4500 (for MDNG-5221 or MDCG-5221) or BARCO MXRT-5500 (for MDNG-5221 or MDCG-5221) or BARCO MXRT-7500 (for MDMC-12133) or NVIDIA Quadro K2200 (for all other venders)
  • Network: 1000BASE-T
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit English / Windows 7 Pro 64bit English (only for upgrading from Bellus)
  • Keyboard, Mouse *Controller (Option): Contour Shuttle Pro v2

Console Unit for display

  • One standard 17 inch or higher color monitor: 1,280 (horizontal) ✕ 1,024 (vertical) pixels or 1,920 (horizontal) ✕ 1,080 (vertical) pixels

Viewer Unit for display

  • One or two monitor: 1,536 (horizontal) ✕ 2,048 (vertical) pixels or 2,048 (horizontal) ✕ 2,560 (vertical) pixels
    The following monitors are verified.
    3M grayscale: EIZO RadiForce GX340
    5M grayscale: Barco Nio 5MP LED (MDNG-5221)/ Barco Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221) / EIZO RadiForce GX540
    5M color: JVC KENWOOD CCL550i2
    12M color: Barco Coronis Uniti (MDMC-12133) (available only in the 2 screen mode)The appearance and specifications may be subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the product specifications for details