Fujifilm installs the first Contrast Mammography system in the private sector by the Imagine Diagnostic Center

Barcelona, 12th may 2021

Fujifilm and Imagine join forces to increase the quality of mammography testing for women by bringing a new imaging technology to the market: Contrast Mammography.

This technique consists of administering an iodinated contrast intravenously to the patient, as used, for example, in a scanner. After this application, mammography is performed with the Fujifilm Amulet Innovality system. The contrast will be captured by the mammary tumors and will be translated into an enhancement of them in the diagnostic image, thus improving their detection by the radiologist and providing more functional information. This test is an alternative to breast MRI and has some advantages over it. For example, its speed (15 minutes), comfort, elimination of claustrophobia and compatibility with patients with pacemakers. Likewise, Amulet Innovality stands out for the low radiation dose to which the patient is subjected and the minimum compression of the chest.

With this novelty, Imagine continues to be at the forefront of imaging diagnostics in the private sector and reinforces its historic relationship with Fujifilm. Thanks to this new technology, women will find in Imagine state-of-the-art equipment in which to perform their mammographic controls with the maximum safety and quality.

Moment of the signing of the agreement between Fujifilm and Imagine. In the photo, from left to right, Mr. Pedro Mesquita, Managing Director of Fujifilm Iberia and Dr. Manuel Salvador, CEO and Medical Director of Imagine.

From left to right, Mr. Nozomi Sekine, Head of IVD business at Fujifilm Europe, Dr. Salvador, CEO and Medical Director of Imagine, Ms. Nathalie Myssius, Product Manager of Modalities, Medical Systems of Fujifilm Spain and Mr. Gustavo Caspueñas, Director of Medical Systems at Fujifilm Iberia.

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