Symposium Mammographicum – Dr Fajardo

Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk Assessment – Will AI Add Value?

Dr Laurie Fajardo, Professor of Radiology, University of Utah

  • What are the issues associated with assessing and reporting breast density?
  • How can breast imaging practices incorporate comprehensive risk assessment?
  • How may artificial intelligence enhance breast imaging workflow and service performance?

These are just a few of the questions Dr Fajardo will discuss as she addresses the challenges associated with dense breast imaging and interpretation.  Supported by case studies of interval breast cancer and mitigating strategies, the symposium will explore issues associated with assigning breast cancer risk to breast density.

An examination of qualitative versus quantitative methods for assessing and reporting breast density will be followed by a discussion of how to incorporate breast cancer risk assessment into your practice.  The symposium will also explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on breast imaging and how it may enhance workflow and performance in our breast services in the future.

Dr Laurie Fajardo has been an innovator in the development of stereotactic core breast biopsy, digital mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis and breast biopsy markers.  She has a particular interest in providing breast cancer screening to under-served and vulnerable populations, and has advised national organizations including the American College of Radiology and the Academy for Radiology Research.  Dr. Fajardo has served on executive committees and in editorial positions for leading radiology journals in the USA, has delivered over 200 lectures nationally and internationally, and is the author of over 190 scientific papers.