ULSM – Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos – Innovality with Biopsy

Established on 9 June 1999, with the purpose to provide health support to approx. 175.000 people living in Matosinhos County/Municipal (North of Portugal, near Porto City), this was the first hospital unit in our country integrating a Primary HealthCare service, as well as a, differentiate Hospital Structure.

ULSM EPE was the first Portuguese hospital unit of its dimension that invested in 2005 in the Fujifilm’s PACS SYNAPSE. The sales relationship built with Fujifilm from this date on, thanks to the high level of its team know-how, was always excellent, guaranteeing us greater reliability and high quality.

Our main priority when installing the equipment in this large room was to create a friendly and balanced atmosphere in order to reduce stress in the patients, a place where women would not deeply feel the strenuous approaches of the exams and its painful technics. Our goal is to offer supreme patient care and comfort.  We choose Fujifilm because we wanted to have state-of-the-art equipment with direct digital mammographic image acquisition, tomosynthesis with synthesized frames and digital stereotaxy. This solution makes it possible to perform multiple, three-dimensional images, with great precision in diagnosis, given the detail that can be obtained. We produce approximately 6.000 mammograms /year and we wanted a solution for working in a high production environment, requiring a fast workflow in screening, diagnosis and in biopsy exams. Additionally, it was of extreme importance to have equipment with low radiation dose, offering patient comfort and presenting already clinical and technical evidence. In a nutshell, after careful consideration, we concluded that the best option in the market would be the one from Fujifilm.

The technical features, the performance, the design, the friendly operational interface and the seize provide us a high production level and moreover to work together with other screening units, such as ULSM/Medical Oncology/ Mammo Surgery, superior diagnosis accuracy and of course a better healthcare service.

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